Vergadering / Réunion 27/01/2015

Locatie/Lieu de séjour: Kasteel Den Brandt, Beukenlaan 12, 2020 Antwerpen -  

Aanvang/Début: 18.45h.
Soort vergadering/Type de réunion:  genodigden zijn welkom! / vos invités sont les bienvenus!
Uw antwoord/Votre réponse: uiterlijk op 22/01/2015/ au plus tard le  22/01/2015

Ukrainian / Russian Conflict
Mr Steve Eke,  Ukraine analyst at Control Risks UK

He presents us a clearer view on the Ukrainian / Russian Conflict and more specifically on the following points:

has the annexation of the Crimea to be considered as a standalone event?
what are the intentions of Poetin / Vladimir towards some of the East-European countries (Baltic states, Ukraine, Georgia, ...)?what is the impact of the EU and USA sanctions on Russia? How long can Russia / Poetin survive these sanctions? How long can the West bear these sanctions? How realistic are the santions?
what is the most likely scenario in the Russian / Ukrainian conflict? 

For your guidance,