Vergadering / Réunion 24/09/2013

Locatie/Lieu de séjour: Kasteel Den Brandt, Beukenlaan 12, 2020 Antwerpen -  

Aanvang/Début: 18.45h.
Soort vergadering/Type de réunion: uitsluitend voorbehouden voor leden / réunion uniquement réservée aux membres.

Uw antwoord/Votre réponse: uiterlijk op 20.09.2013 / au plus tard le 20.09.2013

Maidenspeech mevr. Ulrike Stein : "The ship that sank but never sunk"

“On 14 December 2002, the MV Tricolor sank following a collision with the containership MV Kariba. The incident, involving about USD 100 million in cargo, led to the most expensive salvage operation in the history of merchant shipping. The presentation will provide a very brief overview/summary of the complex legal issues surrounding the case up to date. The focus, however, will be a more thorough and first hand insight on the various, sometimes unexpected, challenges that cargo insurers faced in due course of the claims management process. Are there any lessons to be learned?”