Vergadering / Réunion 19/05/2015

Locatie/Lieu de séjour: Kasteel Den Brandt, Beukenlaan 12, 2020 Antwerpen -  

Aanvang/Début: 18.45h.
Soort vergadering/Type de réunion:  genodigden zijn welkom! / vos invités sont les bienvenus!
Uw antwoord/Votre réponse: uiterlijk op 13/05/2015/ au plus tard le  13/05/2015

Legal issues surrounding sanctions impositions:

- compliance and due diligence issues

- are exclusion clauses appropriate?
- can insurers pay claims?
- are underwriters now reluctant to write business?
- difficulty of dealing with multiple regions and multiple jurisdictions, as well as policy positions